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Figure: The community of Laharepauwa, Nepal presenting their information timeline post 2015 earthquake

COMRADES Workshops in Nepal

From the 18th of January to the 2nd of February 2017 the COMRADES project in close collaboration with Institute of Crisis Management Studies (ICMS) of Tribhuvan University (Nepal) completed a series of highly successful international workshops.  Over the course of 16 days, workshops, focus group sessions, lectures, and interviews with approximately 150 people in Kathmandu and in remote areas of Nepal were conducted. 




Empowering Local Communities

The COMRADES project has reached out at local level to engage communities but to also gather feedback that will enable a better user experience with a more User Centric approach.
We’d like to share some of our stories!
Workshops in Rasuwa, Nepal
COMRADES / ICMS symposium
Field team briefing
International contacts
Joint design in practice




Information can help to save lives

by Atle Christiansen


The Nepalese Prime Minister joins UiA research workshops on supporting communities with information in crisis.

Workshops are about exchanging knowledge and experience. We learn from the participants, but at the same time we hope to bring new insights to them. So, you could say that the scientists learnt as much as the participants in the workshops,” says Kenny Meesters, scientist at UIA´s Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM) and coordinator of the workshops in Nepal.

Source: University of Agder

My involvement in the COMRADES research project
by Daniel Pettersen


A few months ago, I wouldn’t have seen myself involved in a research project at the University of Agder, much less a Horizon-2020 EU-project where the student assistant position at UiA was meant for master candidates. As a bachelor candidate for IT and information systems it is first and foremost an honor to partake in a project of such magnitude and most importantly, value; value because of the humanitarian aspect of an otherwise highly technical project.

Source: University of Agder





Other Project News



The Rising Nepal says

The “Rising Nepal” newspaper published an article that made a reference to the EU funded CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation for Making Crisis Resilient Community) workshops which took place in Nepal.

Moreover, the Prime Minister attended the workshop and expressed his readiness to promote and implement risk reduction actions, as mentioned in the sendai framework.

You can read the full article here.



COMRADES announces brand new Collaborations

The COMRADES team is thrilled to announce its latest collaborations with four different EU funded projects. All of the projects are part of the CAPS initiative (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation) and aim to create awareness of emerging sustainability challenges and of the role that each and every one of us can play to ease them through collective action.

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Member of the COMRADES consortium present paper “Presentation of DoRES — A Three-tier Ontology for Modelling Crises in the Digital Age”

The paper’s main theme concerned the importance of collecting, organizing, analyzing and sharing critical information during emergency crises. That was the concept behind the creation of the DoRES ontology.

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Photo credit, Daniel Pettersen
Project Meeting in the Hague

The COMRADES consortium gathered at The Hague for a two day meeting to discuss their most recent research and results, and to set work plans for the next few months. In this meeting, the consortium focused their attention on analysing the requirements gathered from the workshops in Nepal, and how these requirements can be catered for by the various partners and workpackages in the project.

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