Newsletter Issue No.3 - March 2018

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Using the Case of Kenyan Elections to Evaluate the COMRADES platform
Students of TU Delft participating in the simulation
(Photo credits: Kenny Meesters)
Knowing the outcomes of the Kenyan elections and having data collected from the field (thanks to Ushahidi), the TU Delft team had all the required tools to create an engaging simulation based on the case study of the elections. Find out what learning experience a number of students in TU Delft had the opportunity to live!

COMRADES integrates YODIE tool to detect places in emergency
Check out how YODIE integrated into COMRADES platform matches places mentioned in posts and messages in social media to right Wikipedia entries and on maps!
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CREES available on Google Sheets Ad-on
The CREES API is made available as Google Sheets Add-on in order to integrate with typical analysis workflows. Want to know more about what COMRADES CREES is?
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COMRADES papers under way!
  • “Evaluating Platforms for Community Sensemaking: Using the Case of the Kenyan Elections”
  • “Crisis Event Extraction Service (CREES) – Automatic Detection and Classification of Crisis-related Content on Social Media”
  • “Classifying Crises-Information Relevancy with Semantics”
  • “Helping Crisis Responders Find the Informative Needle in the Tweet Haystack”
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