D6.1 Dissemination and Communication Action Plan

COMRADES project was launched in January 2016 with a lifetime of 36 months and it aims to empower communities with intelligent socio-­‐technical solutions to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crisis situations. COMRADES consortium will build a next generation, intelligent resilience platform to provide high socio-­‐technical innovation and to support community resilience in crises situations.

The platform will capture and process in real‐time, multilingual social information streams from distributed communities, for the purpose of identifying, aggregating, and verifying reported events at the citizen and community levels. Resilience frameworks, guidelines and best practices will be embedded into the platform design and functionality, enriched with open datasets and open source software.

The main objectives of the project is to foster social innovation during crises for safeguarding communities during critical scenarios from inaccurate, distrusted, and overhyped information, and for raising citizen and community awareness of crisis situations by providing them with filtered, validated, enriched, high quality, and actionable knowledge. Community decision­‐making will be assisted by automated methods for real‐time, intelligent processing and linking of crowdsourced crisis information.

This document forms deliverable D6.1 “Dissemination and Communication Action Plan“‐ Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crisis. The current deliverable delineates the strategy that will be followed and implemented for the dissemination and communication of COMRADES project throughout its duration. Communication strategies include the definition of objectives, a comprehensive and detailed action planning, collaboration with other WPs, systematic impact assessment, etc. It is based on, and is consistent with, the DoA and the CA, but is not a substitute for reading these documents.


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