CAPSELLA - Collective Awareness Platform for Environmentally-sound Land Management based on Data Technologies and Agrobiodiversity, with its strong button up approach, aims at raising awareness about the agrobiodiversity domain and addressing major sustainability threats on several layers: ecological, societal, economic, food quality.

APSELLA focuses on two complementary domains: agro-biodiversity/sustainable agriculture and the food supply chain. A concrete participatory bottom up data collection and top down data integration is paving the way to develop solutions for these domains. The project will build from scratch open data repositories concerning regional agro-biodiversity, and will build upon and enhance existing data sets on the agro-biodiversity and food domains. Based on these, the project will develop a number of tailor-made, community-driven data powered ICT solutions, which will be tested by the communities engaged in the project and will result in a number of pilots. At the centre of the CAPSELLA work there are three multidisciplinary, community-driven use cases:

  • “field scenario” addressing use of functional agro-biodiversity in cropping systems;
  • “seeds scenario” addressing on-farm genetic diversity conservation and informal seed systems;
  • “food scenario” addressing the transparency of the food chain in the processes related to the production, distribution and consumption of food.

CAPSELLA will build a sustainable technical prototyping platform, a meeting environment for innovation that democratizes access to big data, cloud computing, open data, open software and pilots.

The project has also a strong societal and business sustainability focus by including incubation activities for selected pilots such as the Health Soil pilot.

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